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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can you send a brochure?
If there is something that isn't answered in the web pages, the printed material will not answer it either. Our web site has more information than our brochure and flyers since they can be kept more current than printed material (which gets printed in quantities and edited down to fit in the limited space available). The home page offers basic information and has links to activities, rates, map, and local points of interest. Any hard copy information that we would send you would only be a subset of what is on this web site. It is only helpful to someone that would not have access to the Internet.
Click here to see a copy of the brochure
How close are you to Nearby Attractions?
Lake Erie fishing & boating 6 miles
Lake Erie Speedway 3 miles
Presque Isle State Park 16 miles
Presque Isle Downs and Casino 15 miles
Erie Zoo 15 miles
Tom Ridge Environmental Center 16 miles
Waldamere Amusement Park & Waterworld 16 miles
Splash Lagoon Water Park 17 miles
Family First Sports Park 18 miles
Erie Seawolves Baseball 16 miles
Erie Civic Arena 16 miles
Erie Convention Center 16 miles
Flagship Niagara 16 miles
Penn State Behrend College 11 miles
Peek'n Peak Resort 7 miles
Grove City Outlet Mall 95 miles
How close are you to Nearby Cities?
Downtown Erie 16 miles
Findley Lake, New York 5 miles
Buffalo, New York 81 miles
Cleveland, Ohio 118 miles
Edinboro, Pennsylvania 40 miles
Grove City Pennsylvania 95 miles
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 145 mile
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 882 miles
(We include Philadelphia so that you don't
think that we are in the north east section
of Pennsylvania just because we are
located in a town called North East, PA.)
How many people are included with the campsite fee?
If you are a family, our practice is to consider that you can use a site at the site rate. "Family" includes 2 adults and all biological, adopted or legal ward children under 18 years old living with the adults.  Additional people (adults or children) are charged the overnight visitor rate identified on our Rate Page. Grandparents and adult children are "additional" people.

Each person on the grounds results in some expense to the operation and maintenance of the campground. Most campgrounds cover this expense by limiting the number included in the site fee.  We are family oriented and choose to offer affordable family camping.  In return, we ask that you be fair to us.
Can we put an additional tent up on our campsite?
If the tent is for your immediate family members (as described above), there is no charge to put it on the same site. We consider the site fee a family fee as long as it includes children that live with you. An additional family (or adult children) in another camper or tent would pay a separate campsite fee.
Are the sites open or wooded?
Our overnight sites are in open areas.  Since Mother Nature cannot be counted on to keep the wooded areas and access to them dry we do not reserve wooded spots for overnight sites.  If you have reservations for a primitive site and would like to be in a wooded area, please ask when you arrive and we will try to accommodate you.
Are campsites long enough so I don't have to unhook my car(s)?
We have sites for this, but you must let us know at the time of reservation about your requirement so that we can confirm and reserve the proper site.
Can we have visitors and is there a charge?
Visitors are allowed and can participate in our activities and events and utilize our facilities. The Rate Page identifies the charge.  There is an "overnight" rate for visitors and/or extra campers that stay the night. There is a "Daily" rate for those that don't stay the night.  If you do not want your visitors to pay the fee to visit you, you may pay it for them in advance of their arrival.
Seasonal Campers can pay a Seasonal Guest Fee that covers all visitors to their site during the camping season (day visits or overnight).
All visitors that set up a camper or tent on the site pay the standard campsite fee instead of an "Overnight" visitor fee.
For the safety of all our guests (and required by our insurance company), all campers and visitors must be registered at the office, regardless of their length of stay, and display a hang tag identifying that they have permission to be on the grounds. Campers are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and must be at the campground during the visit.
Can I cancel a reservation?
For "Standard" nights, one night of the campsite fee is non refundable.
"Holiday Weekend Packages" are not refundable.
What if I arrive and the store is closed?
If the store is closed when you arrive, pull around to the left past the store and go to the white house - the office entrance is marked. If no one answers at the office and you have reservations, you should be able to find your site using the map. If you don't have reservations, you can set up on an empty site located across from the house.
We will meet with you when we get back to the house to settle your account and give you a hang tag.
What is the best way to get in touch with you at the campground?
If you would like to make reservations or have still have questions, please call.
When the campground is closed, October through April, you will get the answering machine and we will return all calls within 48 hours.
From the Wednesday before Memorial Day through Labor Day (and the two weekends following Labor Day) the store opens at 9 am and is open until at least 8 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 pm Friday and Saturday.  Someone will be available to take your reservation and answer your questions. When the store is closed, you can leave a message on the answering machine and we will return the call within 24 hours. 
Because of the responsibilities of the campground we are not near a phone very often.  Leaving a message the first time is preferable to trying to "get through" several times within a short period.  If we are not there to answer, we probably won't be there any time soon, either.
You can also e-mail your reservation request and questions.
Are Pets allowed?
Pets allowed if on a leash and kept quiet and controlled on your site. You must clean up after your pet. Pets must not be left unattended. Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, Rotweilers, Chow-Chows and Wolf-Hybrids are prohibited. All dogs brought onto the campgrounds must have proof of Rabies Vaccination.
Do you accept PayPal?
If you request to use PayPal an e-mail will be sent to the address you provide identifying Family Affair Campground as the requester and a "Pay Now" link to PayPal.
If you are a PayPal user the process will be familiar.  If you are not a PayPal user, you will be asked to provide your credit card information.
You don't have to sign up for PayPal.
This offers you a secure way to use your credit card to guarantee the reservation.
Our PayPal user name for payments is
Do you have any Seasonal Sites currently available?
All of our Seasonal Sites are currently occupied. We do keep a waiting list. We do contact people on the waiting list if a site becomes available, but the site must be paid for immediately. Camping units must be newer than 10 years old

Can I put a tent on an "electric" campsite?
Can I put a pop up or RV on a "primitive" campsite?
Is there honey dipping or a dump station available?
Is there a fire ring and picnic table on the site?
YES, except for Primitive sites. Primitive sites are provided a fire ring, but a table is provided only if available and on a first come, first serve basis.
Do you have cabins or rental units?
Are fishing licenses required?
Do you have Internet access?
Do you have cable TV?
Can groups or clubs get a discount?
YES. Talk to Michele.
Is there a charge for using your pavilion?
YES. Typical charge is $25 per hour, subject to availability. Talk to Michele.
Can we gather firewood to use?
NO. Firewood is available for purchase at the store.
Are 4-wheelers allowed?
Are golf carts allowed?
YES for electric; NO for gas.
Do you have a Laundry?